I'm a stay at home mom with an eye for capturing "in the moment" shots. I absolutely LOVE taking photos and when I catch something priceless on "film" my heart skips a beat from pure excitement.

As a rule in my life, I've made it a goal to find a purpose that I could do which would make people smile. Something that will make others feel proud, happy and very good about themselves and their families. Photography has helped me accomplish this goal. It allows me to give my clients something to cherish that they can always hold close to their hearts for years to come and reminisce about the special occasions in their past.

Every day our lives change. Our families expand, our children grow and we mature with our spouse's. If you want to stop time and remember this moment, photography is a beautiful way to do that. You will someday look back and wonder where the time went. Nothing can change that but it will make your heart sing if you look back with photos in hand (or hung on your mom's wall) and remember just how precious your children were when they saw the world through their innocent eyes. Like maybe your daughter running after a "bunny fwend" that was hiding under a bush so that she could "hold it". Yes, that did happen at a session of mine and was captured for my client :)

So take a look at my portfolio, stay up to date on my work through facebook and contact me about bookings. I would be honored to capture this time in your lives.